Online chess quiz

Online chess quiz Online chess quiz

Apr 5, 1 One year ago lots of people desperately tried to solve the chess puzzle of professor Penrose. There was no problem with making a draw, but only a genius could find a win in this position.

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One man wrote Penrose a letter about the puzzle and the professor answered him. However, we online chess quiz see that Fritz one of the better AI chess programs looks ahead 20 moves and thinks black is winning. Fritz does not understand the nature of the position: It sees the material advantage and thinks it is ahead.

The question is whether the human playing as white can use this lack of understanding to win.

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A small number of you ran the puzzle on chess programs and experimented with this. However, some programs set to a low level of skill were so convinced they should win, they refused the draw through repeated position.

They accepted losing the bishops one after another until they blundered into a losing position, allowing the white pawn on the sixth rank to be advanced and turned into a queen. To make this actually happen requires a bit of trickery and a great deal of patience.

Since we were slightly ambiguous in our drawing, these solutions are legitimate creative interpretations. Most of you, and particularly the practised players, saw the position immediately. A few got the puzzle wrong, but this was mainly due to lack of practise or misunderstanding.

We have a fun chess quiz with different difficulty level of questions! We answer together to hard chess questions online without board!.

It turns out that everything is relative and everyone can become a genius just playing against a weak program. Or the idea was to identify a genius among the people who had those "aha" moments?

Fell free to share your thoughts about it all.

Every move it changes its mind Move after move, for both players. So I try a normal looking human-like plan.

Of course it hates my moves, until a few moves later, then it realizes that the moves are pretty good.

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